Mathematics With Mr. BuggBey

NABME Fellow, Jeff BuggBey after his 5th grade math class at Statesmen College Prep Academy For Boys

What motivated you to be a Black Male Educator?

Most teachers that I have experienced were not adequate at their jobs. Instead of complaining about what was wrong, I decided to be the answer. I was good at school, smart enough…so I figured that I could do it.

What do you like most about teaching math?

Math intrigues me because I enjoy the process of seeing students not know how to do a problem and then one day they do. The joy and confidence that kids get from knowing is so satisfying for me. You don’t have to be a creative thinker, artistic or have some natural ability. You can simply follow the process–and that makes it equitable to me.

 I feel supported and I know that NABME is helping me take control of my career. 

How has NABME helped you as an educator? 

NABME has put me in proximity to other dope, black male educators. When I grew up, teachers were the opposite of cool; so a lot of men my age do not go into this profession. But NABME has connected me to a network of men who are intelligent and cool–like me. We practice together. We get hands-on training not only in pedagogy, but also conflict resolution. We talk about the unique challenges that Black men experience in education. I have also had the opportunity to present at conferences. I feel supported and I know that NABME is helping me take control of my career. 

What is the biggest misconception about being a Black Male Educator?

Black men are typically in roles outside of content. You don’t see many black men teaching in important content areas. But we are here. Despite what you may see on TV, Black men are intelligent people. We teach important subjects like math, english, and engineering. Despite what people think of us, we are fully capable and we are here..

Black men are intelligent people. We teach important subjects…We are fully capable and we are here.

What can we expect from Mr. BuggBey in the future?

A leadership role is definitely in the future, but I want to sharpen my skills as a Master Teacher. Despite the narrative around education, there are many of us who love teaching. I want to grow both students and staff. I want to be someone that people come to for advice about education.