Mission, Vision and Core Beliefs

NABME Mission:

The mission of the National Association of Black Male Educators is to dramatically increase the number of marginalized children who succeed by dramatically increasing the number of highly effective black and brown male teachers and leaders who positively impact them.  

NABME Vision:

By 2035, the National Association of Black Male Educators will be widely known for creating:

  • An abundance of classically trained black and brown men who have secured positions in education.
  • An abundance of highly-effective black and brown male leaders leading high performing schools and school districts across the nation.
  • An emerging cadre of black and brown male high school students entering college with a focus on education and the goal of becoming educators.
  • An abundance of educated and knowledgeable black and brown men directly impacting the shifts in policies within education needed to ensure equity for all children.
  • An abundance of influential black and brown male educational leaders directly contributing to the success and achievement of black and brown men in education, closing the equity and achievement gap for marginalized children.

NABME Core Beliefs:

The National Association of Black Male Educators believes deeply in the success of black and brown men in education to improve the outcomes for all children. We aim to do this through 3 core beliefs:


We are dedicated to the service of education as a civil right; not just as a profession.


We are passionate about the work of education and seek to equip educators with the necessary tools to ensure every student receives the quality of education they deserve.


We are committed to excellence in every sense of the word. We want to develop life-changing educators through academic excellence, professional excellence, and excellence in teaching and learning.